Tuesday, July 17, 2012

workout + FYP + part time job

Today I should go to hospital Serdang to take my medicine but i don't. Instead i went to gymnasium to workout. It's ok coz i'm planning to go to the hospital tomorrow morning.

Right now i feel exhausted from my workout. I still follow the workout program eventhought this semester i'm busy with study + final year project(FYP) + part time job.

Later i need to see my supervisor to present my FYP progress. Wish me luck guys ;)

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Nowadays, teenagers are very advanced (in a bad way). They will do anything that they like. They don't bother what others will think of them. Well, some of them hold with a principle, "I don't care what others said as long as I'm happy" but do they know that principle cannot be used to all cases especially when it related with sin?

Some of them are so in love and they love to share their love to others. Not enough by publicly use "sayang", "yang", "hubby" and "baby", they even upload their picture together. They are not even married yet but the picture show like they are like husband and wife.

To the guy, please stop what your doing. Our prophet told us to protect the Hawa not destroying them. One day you also (InsyaAllah) will become a father. Do you feel alright if a guy out of somewhere do the same thing that you did to your daughter?

To the girl, don't you even THINK if one day, if that guy is not your husband and you marrying another guy, don't you feel sorry to your husband?? Besides, right now, your father is the one who have the share with the sin that you do. Please be realized, this is not what Islam taught us. You are like a diamond. Diamond should be kept in a nice place and not easily to pass to one hand to another hand. Please keep your value. Jgn sampai orang lihat harga diri you rendah.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I feel very free

Single life is much more fun. I can do anything that i like, feel free to go anywhere and i can be friend with any kind of person. No need to be like a sms/call-holistic

Besides, i can fully enjoy my allowance and my salary. It's okay if there is no people would give me nice present because i don't need it anymore.

This is how my life should be for a past few years ago. But it's okay. I learned from mistake.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hidup terlalu singkat untuk bersedih

Sudah lumrah manusia, menyesali akn apa yg telah terjadi. Tp percaya pd qada' dan qada' Allah. Bukankah orang dahulu sering berpesan, "belajar dari kesilapan"? Jdi kita jadikan apa yang telah berlalu sebagai pengajaran. Mn yg baik kita ambil dan mn yg buruk kita jgn ulangi.

Hidup ini terlalu pendek utk kita penuhkan dengan kesalahan, penyesalan dan seterusnya kesedihan.

Oleh itu, mari kita tutup buku lama dan buka buku baru :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

warkah untuk si dia

I don't have girlfriend..but i have ALLAH S.W.T. Most of the time I will fill lonely but alhamdulillah i do feel relief (coz jauh dr maksiat).

May Allah protect 'si dia' saya yang saya tdk tahu siapa dan di mana.

Dear my future wife, please wait for me. I don't know who u are and please take a good care of your self. I want to keep all my feeling till i meet you. I will propose you like the way our religion want. I want a relationship that is blessed by Allah from the beginning to the end <3

akan saya jadikan awak bidadari saya, dunia dan akhirat :)