Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Best Friend's Wedding

On 24th January 2014, my friend, Mohd. Yusuf got married with his beloved wife (Aishah). I attended his marriage ceremony on 26th Jan (male side) at Dewan Desasiswa USM, Penang. I traveled there with my friend Ahmad Kamal (AK) and Ali. I stayed at Yusuf's house for one night while AK and Ali go have vacation at Lost World. AK is also Yusuf's friend. We was in a same college during our degree study at Uniten. Yusuf finished his master study at ANU while AK and i still doing our master in UTM Skudai.

Yusuf can be titled as my best friend in my life. We are very closed during our degree study. We was in the same course (Information System). He was my study partner, meal partner, workout partner cinema partner and chit chat partner. It is so hard to find such friend. So far, i never find someone who can replace his place. Yusuf is 2 years older than me so he is like abang..hehe. He is very optimistic and determined person. Always motivate me in study. We also share our personal matter together. He always said that I was one of the people that make him a better person..haha.

I attended his ceremony with so many feelings. Happy, sad and also envy..haha. I really miss him. He is in his honeymoon right now and after that he will be staying with his wife at Sarawak. I will be missing him for sure.

To Yusuf, I pray that you always happy with your wife and have great children. Please forgive for any wrongdoings from me. To Aishah, please take care of Yusuf. Selamat Pengantin Baru.

Second Semester Result

My result for this semester is not better than last semester but still Alhamdulillah. I manage to maintain the dean list. I got 2 A+s, 2 As and 2 A-s. Insya-Allah next semester will be my last semester with one subject (3 credit hour) and project 2 (6 credit hour). Please spare me in your dhua.