Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two silat clubs

It already about 2 months I became master student. It is not like my foundation or degree level. I mean there is no more main-main in study or delaying any work. But still, I am not 100% pushing my self into study.

Recently I joined Pertubuhan Silat Gayong and Pencak Silat. They are two different club..yes, I don't expect that either. The first club has nothing to do with silat tournament. It only mean for learning martial art and enjoy programs conducted by the club. For the second club, it is for those who want to represent university.

Actually I prefer the second club but still I like to join programs from the second club. Next month they have a grand dinner at a hotel. InsyaAllah I will be there.

Last week was my first time joined training with Pencak Silat and they invite me to do a little demonstration in opening ceremony of UTM games. It's been a long time I do demonstration in public..I missed that. So I joined the demo. The demo run smoothly (I'm satisfied) but i end up with sore nape and fever. Alhamdulilah a close friend of mine took care me of. Thanks sahabat.

Next month I have friendly match and I'll try to do my best..

Monday, March 25, 2013


(Lelaki: )
Saban hari ku mencarimu
Semalaman ku mengenangmu
Marah, resah, gelisahku
Menjadi satu

(Lelaki: )
(Ku) tahu kau di dalam dilema
Sukar untuk buat pilihan
Jangan kau cepat berubah
Pendirian dirimu... oho...

(Perempuan: )
Salahkanku... jangan salahkan ku
Kasihani aku... kau lupakan aku
Mana satu... kujadi keliru
Aku makin keliru

( Lelaki: )
Dikau selalu saja begini
Aku selalu tidak mengerti

( Perempuan: )
Namun ku masih percaya
Kita harus bersama

( Duet: )
Ingin jumpa... tak ingin berjumpa
Ingin bercinta... tak ingin bercinta
Dan pintaku... beri jawapanmu
Ku tak ingin keliru