Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Melaka Wonderland VS Melaka A Famosa Water theme park

Since I'm planning to go to water theme park in Melaka, I want to do comparison between Melaka Wonderland theme park & Melaka A Famosa Water theme park.

For Melaka Wonderland, these are the games that are available: 

This is a map with listed game

For the ticket price 

Note: It not open on MONDAY

Now we go to Melaka A Famosa Water Theme Park


Ticket price

My first semester break

Yesterday was officially start of my semester break. Kind of relief..i meant it. After the struggling with tests, quizzes, group discussion,projects, and presentation, now I can forget about them and prepare for next semester. Eventhough I'm enjoying myself thorough out my semester with my beloved friends. Yes..enjoy your student life.

My next semester will start in September. So I got plenty time for my holiday. What will I do during my break? Well...I have a job to do. It is project research under Dr. Shukor Abd Razak. It is so called job because I got allowance every month. Hope I will do great in my job cause I really to be in this path. I hope UTM will sponsored my phd study.