Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My workpalce = Great Place To Work

I want to share what about my workplace cafeteria. Actually each building of the company that i'm working for got a lot of building and each building got their own cafeteria. Let me share few photos of my cafeteria:

Where we can pick the food that we want

The seats that available

Wash area

My workplace encourage people for recycling 

Where we put our tray after we done eating. Don't leave the tray on the table ya ;)

Cashier area. We can grab ice cream, sauce and tissue

Every month we are provided RM50 inside our employee card. This is we we can scan the card

These are free beverages and hot water

During lunch, they will filled up fruits (more than 1 type of fruit) inside the box so everyone can grab one. Healthy right?

Plain water area.

Creamer and sugar. They also provide brown sugar.

That is my meal for breakfast. hehe..

These pictures were taken during breakfast period because during this time, it is not crowded.

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